Aristel Digital Communications System

Aristel is the ideal communications system for office and home. It can manage all communications needs with all the benefits that digital technology can offer.

Aristel phone systems can operate a number of telephone extensions or a combination of phones, fax, modem and answering machine and door phones. This makes Aristel phone systems ideal for homes or offices of all sizes. They are a very effective way of managing all telephone and other communications functions.

Aristel systems can connect to both standard analogue telephone lines as well as Telstra digital network (ISDN). This provides business with the best benefits of both systems, including features such as multiple subscriber numbers or direct indial numbers.

Direct indial numbers can be provided for each person or department, if desired. For example, a direct sales number, an after-sales number, and another number for general calls. Add the touches of incoming call number display, choices of music on hold source, call transfer and, a paging connection, and callers will be confident that they are in contact with a totally professional organisation.

As any home office operator knows, separating private and business lines is usually a priority. Aristel helps do just this by allowing the user to utilise different numbers for personal and business calls. The user can answer calls in two or more business names, should they wish to.


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Aristel DV/AV Handset Range